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Behind the scenes

by Hammad Latif 27 Feb 2023
Behind the scenes

How we have hired people in past and in current time matters a lot today, because during the prototype making and mass production it’s our workforce and their smart intelligence who sort and fix the problem, so our clients can travel and work comfortably.


When we hire, we definitely ask that person what their hobbies are, whom they follows on Social Media and few other questions, so we can shortly analyze how can that person help the team in work and problems. To bring a product from paper to physical form there are team members who have made a huge contribution over development of product and its functionality.


We love bringing products like camera bags, school bags, laptop bags and few others that don’t exist in our market, although other shops are selling from famous brands but are super costly, so we must develop that taste with affordability. We have our own studio where we take shots, we have our own laser machine which can cut till micro level precision, we have branded raw materials which can perform till extend and many other factors are within our premises, which let our customers and followers see as we bring first time in Pakistan. Most of the time it’s our customer who are keep on writing us on social media and emailing us why not make this product and we always want to bridge a gap that really makes a sense, and this have given us a great place in our people’s hopes and country wide people believe we can do great for them in coming days.

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