Privacy Policy

Money Back Policy

  1. Package should be returned within 7 working days from the date of receive.

  2. Refund will be applied between 7 days after we receive the package.

  3. Customers are responsible for delivering package on his expenses through any company.

  4. When returning the package please use to plastic bags to cover the item properly. In case of any damage, Package will be send back to customer and no refund shall be applied again.

  5. Incase if you don't check the dimensions of our product or the relative product you have and for which you are ordering then no returns are possible.

  6. To apply money back policy customers are requested to send request by Email first

  7. Incase of Gloves we don't offer any money back policy because of hygienic reasons. 

Exchange Policy

  1. In case of exchange product shall be send back to get replaced within 7 working days from the date of receive.

  2. In case of exchange customer will pay both side courier charges.

  3. Product is only subject to exchange if not used

  4. Product if received in good condition and not damaged will be then proceed to exchange otherwise will be again sent back to customer and exchange process will be voided.

  5. To exchange customers are requested to apply this request by Email first 

  6. Incase of Gloves do not exchange because of hygienic reasons, but we offer 40% discount to that client if he needs to reorder same another pair in different size.



  1. In case if zipper or stitches breaks within time period of 12 months you shall be provided 100% satisfaction services which can include replacement with new product and in some cases, your product shall be repaired in our factory and send back to you.

  2. In case if fabric is burnt torn or punctured and in many similar cases warranty do not cover this but if you even have problem which is not listed then you shall be provided assistance by us.

  3. To claim warranty customers are requested to apply this request by Email first