Materials & Sustainability

Our specialty is, we know what fabric and size must be applied at which specific application and later how much load it can handle. Unlike other bags manufacturer we never went crazy in cutting cost and increasing profits. Alpinebear is specialized in daily use bags, weather they are military bags, laptop bags, college bags, school bags or any other category. When we choose fabric it’s a proper research work, we analyze that what internarial brands in other markets are using and later after developing the prototype, it’s testing also counts on costs before selling on shelves. We follow one strategy that customer is your real marketing agent, once you satisfy the client then you made a good word of mouth and they will definitely recommend your product.


As a Pakistani Brand, we were the pioneers in launching travel bags with branded raw materials. We applied Invista Cordura Fabrics, YKK and SBS Zippers, DuraFlex and ITW Nexus Plastic buckles, Fidlock Magnetic Buckles from Germany and other crazy AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles from Austria and are selling very successfully. In the start when people know les about us, it took time to develop their mind and gain the trust but now exporters ask us how can we sell so premium stuff of European Quality in Market of Pakistan.


In the early stages of launching our brand, we created a community and asked people on social media what problem do they face in their current bags and they shared a list of things that helped us shape our upcoming strategy. Broken zips, torn fabrics, non-waterproof and countless issues were told by people in their daily use bags. One thing we heard in public gathered information was very common, that all of these laptop bags were without any brand, this gives a chance to sellers / manufacturers never find them again and they keep on selling over cheap bag tactics or fake adidas bag, Nike bags tactics.


Whenever we launch a new product we plan it’s second part or version in next 10 months, but we always upgrade it so it can pack more value and even serve those people who were not interested in last generation.